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  Food for Thought Table Tent Project

    Food for Thought seeks to educate us all about food, farming, and rural community life. Table tents placed in the dining halls provide a vehicle to link student learning in the classroom with education in the residential community and to enhance the impact of student work.

    Participating students in classes exploring food-related subjects will develop brief materials that explore some aspect of food, farming, or rural life. These exercises can constitute an optional assignment or course requirement; they can be conducted individually or as group projects.

    Food for Thought will produce these materials for display as table tents in the dining halls and include them on our web site for broader distribution. Some of these materials may also be used as marketing tools to promote local foods in restaurants and other venues throughout Knox County.

    The possibilities for topics are endless and can be easily adapted to any course. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Research projects on the character and/or sources of a particular food product found in the dining hall
  • Biographies of local farmers, based on site visits and interviews
  • Excerpts about food drawn from fiction or nonfiction literature
  • Fun facts or tests of knowledge about food and agriculture
  • Original creative work (poetry, essays, photographs)


    The process for creating table tents is simple:

  • The professor indicates interest to Howard Sacks and sets an approximate date for completion of the materials.
  • Students produce the materials, which are then reviewed by the professor.
  • The completed materials are forwarded to Howard Sacks via email as attached files.
  • Food for Thought designs, produces, and displays the table tents; faculty are informed of the display dates.v


    Here are some general guidelines to facilitate production:

  • Create a separate file for each table tent.
  • Text files should be composed in Word, with a clear, descriptive file name.
  • The text should not exceed 250 words.
  • Images must be a high-resolution jpg files, accompanied by a title a source.
  • Include in any file only what is to appear in the final table tent.

    Feel free to contact Howard Sacks (, PBX 5850) with any questions.